Sore elbows and some random acts of madness

Posted: 21.12.2014 in Uncategorized

So, my sore elbows did in fact set me back. I did train without pain on Tuesday (squat, bench, deads and chins) without problem, but on Wednesday (squat, bench, military press and SLDL), my elbows hurt like hell during the squat, and every exercise after that.

The reason, I think, is flexibility issues, primarily in my shoulders, which places a heap of torque on my elbows. The rest of the week I have had pain in my elbows even during rest. I have opted out of training during this time, in order to do other things.

For instance, this Saturday we went out into the woods with a group of friends and had a little bonfire and grilled up some sausages. It was a nice trip, although the four-wheel drive did come into use, and some elbow grease due to a large amount of snow that had piled up during Thursday-Saturday, which had bent some trees over the road. Not that big of a deal. We cleared the road and went up to the Laavu in about 30-40 cm snow and let the dogs loose. It was a blast! The dogs where somewhat tired after running around for a couple of hours and we headed home.

Some snaps:

A trip to the woods

A trip to the woods


The three musketeers

Onto the random acts of madness…

Today, Sunday, was spent largely doing – well not much.

Until tonight, when I figured, hell – I could put some Linnex-ointment on my elbows, do the bench first and check how that feels when I squat. I also figured, heck, I’ve missed three sessions this week, why don’t I… …complete them all in one session.

Disregard not having trained actively during the year, disregard fat and old and whatever. The new At The Gates album roaring on Spotify, and off we went. Two hours and seven minutes later, the deed was done. My plan worked, i.e. bench before squat. Nemas problemas. No pain; no nothing. Even though this training, was for me, at this point in time, somewhat of an achievement in regards of work capacity, it was nothing spectacular. All work loads where in a good intensity interval and I could concentrate on perfecting technique, which in conjunction with improving work capacity – over time is the whole idea of this training phase. Quite some volume though, 18277.5 kg (40295 lbs) in one session (and this only in working sets, I could easily add a good 10-15% more in total volume if I where to take into consideration warm-ups), albeit a little bit over a two-hour session.

In the future, i.e. from next week, I will alter my schedule to perform bench before squats, and also cut out one workout, as it seems impossible at this point in time to do six sessions a week.

Some stats from the completed week (work loads):

Squats, 62 working reps @avg 144.5 kg. Work volume 8985 kg.
Bench press, 64 working reps @avg 101.9 kg. Work volume 6470 kg.
Deadlift, 20 working reps @avg 151.3 kg. Work volume 3040 kg.





That is more or less it for this week. On Tuesday I will commence a little road trip with an extraordinary gentleman to an out-of-this-world extraordinary gentleman for a little bit of Christmas training, until then – be sure to check out the new At The Gates album. It’s quite good!


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